1. Uncle

    [Solved] Any advice/tips/examples on how to improve map performance when dealing with many units.

    Edit: I managed to fix most of all of my issues. I had previously posted a Loop I was making that ran poorly when dealing with multiple units but I sorted it out with a dynamic recycling indexer. Guess it's not a good idea to loop through EVERY single unit, even one's that are no longer used.
  2. Tasyen

    Overwritting - Tips

    Recently SpiritTauren asked, if one could overwrite tips which is a really smart Idea. Before that, I never read about changing tips at all and so I checked out how tips are saved inside warcraft 3. Here I wana share what I found out. Warcraft Tip System Warcraft 3 has a builtin tip-System...
  3. nikypage

    any other legendary items?

    i was wondering if there are any other legendary items besides the ones from wandering adventurer also if there are could i get a hint as to find them if not allg love the map just finnished it with friend
  4. M

    How to design a fun to play level?

    Everytime I create a custom campaign mission, at some point I make a big design mistake, which makes it boring (for example, I add way too many scripts to dungeon chapters). The problem is, if i change anything I'll have to remake most of my level.
  5. Mr.Rious

    What is the best way to create Campaign AI?

    I have a lot of experience with World Editor, but i never made a "destroy enemy base while he's attacking you" level. What's the best way to create enemy AI? Should I make enemy rebuild buildings, Should I make enemy repair them? And how should i do it? Have you got any tips for me?