1. Alpha-G

    [HD/Texturing] Can someone edit these orbital tiles for me?

    I really like these Orbit Tiles but the problem is that I want the black outlines to be removed. Can someone help me out?
  2. unknown.png


    Remastering classic dirtrough. Also making some grass too https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/almost-doodadless.333954/#post-3496856
  3. Tom_Almighty1

    Add more tiles in 1.31 (Non-reforged)

    Guys I was planning to make an RPG with 480x480 map size in warcraft 3 1.31 non-reforged version. How do I add more tiles? First I tried to modify tileset but it's not enough and I can't add other tiles (ex: My map is Ashenvale but I can't add Barrens - Desert). Next I tried WE Unlimited and set...
  4. Peach Schnapps

    [General] Help with more specific Terrain manipulation through JASS/Triggers

    Would it be possible to be more specific in how I want to manipulate terrain than with just regions? I'm really just concerned with changing out tiles, I imagine through JASS this is possible? o_O EDIT: Idk if I'm asking my question specifically enough, say for instance I want the grass...
  5. kantarion

    Seeking a partnership for wc3 HD tilesets

    Yo,seeking partner for recreating some areas of wc3 tilesets in HD manner. I am aware Reforged will come out but i got a feeling time is slowed down drastically now :) So lets grant community some nice things that we can enjoy while waiting :) You can check my work here (i updated some things...
  6. Wayshan

    [Solved] Tiles and their weird edges (alpha channel problem)

    Hey, I have a strange problem with my tiles: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image I am really getting desperate. I followed some tutorials and played with it in Photoshop, but to no avail. I can edit them via PS, but I am not familiar with how this alpha tile and transparency works. Can someone help me...
  7. Yusuf123

    [Import] Importing custom tilesets? Tilesets not showing?

    So i found these tutorials on how to import custom tilesets and i did what they said but when i go to advance>modify tileset the tiles don't appear.. So here's a screenshot of my import paths; can someone tell me why its not showing or am i missing something? I'm downloaded a ton of tilesets and...
  8. partofme4

    How to use custom tiles ??

    I just started to making map and idk how to use custom tiles i looking everywhere but there no guide pls help me
  9. Minmixmitch

    Tileset Help! - Getting all tiles of World Editor

    Hi i would like to know how to make my game have every single tileset there is on world edit, and dont say modify tileset because that has a restriction on how many you can have.