1. Warchief Thrall (Mounted, Snowsong)

    Warchief Thrall (Mounted, Snowsong)

  2. Warchief Thrall (Mounted)

    Warchief Thrall (Mounted)

  3. Warchief Thrall (Dismounted)

    Warchief Thrall (Dismounted)

  4. The Nightmare Book

    [Campaign] Exodus of the Horde TD

    EXODUS OF THE HORDE TD EDITION "You must rally the Horde and lead your people to their destiny!" (c) Medivh OVERVIEW "Original Blizzard campaign, but fully remastered in Kingdom Rush tower defence - select towers from list and build them on presetted position to hold enemy hordes. Main...
  5. Mag'har Thrall

    Mag'har Thrall

  6. Orc baby crib

    Orc baby crib

    Baby Thrall will be born soon
  7. Thrall HD Concept V4 WIP

    Thrall HD Concept V4 WIP

    Ello again! Worked a bit more on him, gauntlets, started with a bit of tribal decor(teeth) and basic colouring done again. It would be great if you tell me what do You think of it!
  8. Thrall Concept v3

    Thrall Concept v3

    I went back to continue work on Thrall again. New face, armour redone partially. Tell me what do You think!
  9. Thrall Concept Sketch

    Thrall Concept Sketch

    Concept Sketch of Thrall's or mostly his armour to create a definitive look for him that merges the best from various designs while trying to stick Somewhat Close to Wc3 overall shapes and design of it(mostly the shoulder pads being wider and tapered)
  10. Warchief Thrall Dismounted

    Warchief Thrall Dismounted

  11. Warchief Thrall (Snowsong Mount)

    Warchief Thrall (Snowsong Mount)

  12. Warchief Thrall

    Warchief Thrall

  13. Young Thrall

    Young Thrall

  14. BuenosAiresOrcishClan

    Warcraft III: Avengers

    So, I was thinking (when Reforged comes out) to create some custom story (beggining from RoC) where 2 orcs, 2 humans and 2 night elves form a team like the Avengers. Who would you put as the starting 6? My choices are: Thrall, Grom, Arthas, Uther, Illidan & Tyrande. If you wanna throw some...
  15. deflinok2

    The 3-Player Campaign Orc The Invasion of Kalimdor

    The 3 Player Campaign is an ongoing project based on work of TheSpoon, It involves editting all of the existing Campaign created by Blizzard so that it can be played with 3 players. This will allow you to join up with a partners to replay the campaign and save Azeroth, and this time you can't...
  16. Zenonoth

    [Campaign] Battle for Azeroth

    Battle for Azeroth is a very heavily custom lore campaign that is designed to be the ultimate project of Team Nightfall as a replacement to Wrath of Kael'thas which was abandoned earlier.. "After the events of World of Warcraft - Legion and Sargeras' imprisonment; the cruel Void Lord...
  17. Sheron

    Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans Cinematics

    The cinematics from the cancelled Warcraft Advetures: Lord of the Clans game are finally available for all to see on youtube! For all those who haven't seen them yet, I highly recommend you do! Sure, they are missing almost all the sound effects and soundtrack (it's basically just voiceovers and...