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texturing & surfacing

  1. FeruEnzeruJKun

    Tilesets fitting for Every Halloween (Ideas)

    I liked to inform you guys about something very important for every Halloween. What i like about Warcraft Halloween, is something for us to do. I would liked to make ideas of something involving aberration, chaos, death, orc (goblin, troll and ogre) and void themes. Here's a list: 1...
  2. UlithiumDragon

    [3D Art] Removing Hero Glow - The Easy Way

    Removing Hero Glow - The Easy Way By Ulithium_Dragon Overview Difficulty 2/10 Easy difficulty Tools Needed GIMP (Get the Latest Version) Or Photoshop, but this tutorial uses GIMP because it's free Warcraft 3 Viewer War3 Model Editor World Editor What You're Expected To Already Know How...
  3. Ender

    How to make a model change textures ingame

    top 1.0 Modeling 1.1 Overview 1.2 Importing Texture 1.3 Editing Materials 2.0 Using this in your map 2.1 Making the ability 2.2 Making the Destructables 2.3 triggering 3.0 Conclusion 3.1 TestMap 1.01.0 Modeling to do this I used Magos's Model Editor 1.11.1 Overview...
  4. Gallean


    Hi! Sure, I'm not a fallen god of nature and life, but I like the Pc-Game where this guy appears. I'm at least an advanced mapmaker, but I've often no ideas for maps, so a friend of me told me about the Hiveworkshop... And now I am here... and I like it! But I'm sure, that the most...