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test map

  1. Acolite333

    [General] Strange issue I noticed with Spellbreaker

    I was playing around with a custom map today and I noticed something odd about the Spellbreaker unit. Their base stats say they have 2 medium armor, and 600 HP. Ok that's fine nothing that interesting there. HOWEVER when I use the "Test Map" feature, for some reason they ALWAYS have -3- -HEAVY-...
  2. Cheshire

    need feedback on map layout

    hey all, I made this altered melee and would be happy to get some feedback on the functionality of the layout. other feedback will also be readily accepted. thanks!
  3. Marjosh38

    Map Testing

    Hello Hivers, I need you the test my map, because I've got problem where my map won't work on other PCs but on my PC work well. So I request to please test my map, and give feedback if my map work or wouldn't in your PC. Thanks in advance. NOTE: This map is Protected.
  4. LovG

    [Solved] Test Map and W3 path bugged?

    Hello all, Today I wanted to try some stuff in World Editor but when I pressed test map button a window popped. Somehow it stop working. At first it said: "Can't find the C:\Program Files(x86)\Warcraft III\Warcraft III.exe". Open the Preferences tab and change it." I went to Archives >...