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  1. waterlong

    [Spell] Need help with targeting

    Trying to make a mage knight who can restore mana to everyone except other mage knights. I've tried a couple different "targeted as" and "targets allowed" combinations but cant find a combination that works.
  2. Cheshire

    [Spell] Detect attack ground/tree

    hey there, is there a way to detect when the ground/trees are attacked? I mean when the missile hits, not when they are targeted... I can't find any way to even detect when a generic tree dies, and couldn't figure out how to do any of this with bribe's damage engine. would be glad for any...
  3. matin45

    Attack Targeting

    In WC3 (patch: 1.26a) units attack weakest instead of atack nearest, how to fix it?
  4. matin45

    Tower Targeting

    Hi again. Could it be possible to set up a system in the game that the towers attack their closest enemy and do not free it until their target is destroyed? (What I want is something like clash of clans, clash royale or boom beach about tower targeting).(The default game is the attack on the...