1. Char B1

    Char B1

  2. Archer Self-Propelled AT Gun

    Archer Self-Propelled AT Gun

  3. Tank_TKS-B_MG     [poland]

    Tank_TKS-B_MG [poland]

    -editedby:Dhafin-WW- -the owner of the original model: HerrDave and SonsOfSami -edit:Tank_RenaultFT to be Tank_TKS-B_MG
  4. Type 97 Chi-Ha

    Type 97 Chi-Ha

    The Chi-Ha was the most produced medium tank of the IJA. Later in the war, it received a new turret and a more powerful 47mm AT gun, that version was known as the Type 97 Kai.
  5. BrothForMyPeople

    [Solved] Terran Arclite Tank - can't see the model

    Hi. It's not my model so I do not upload it in Maps & Resources, but I will upload it here and I'm going to ask you to try to import it to your random map to see if it works for you and, if yes, then help me in turn to import it to my map because I have already tried few ways and still I can't...
  6. Churchill Tank

    Churchill Tank

    The British infantry tank of WW2, will see if i can do a Crocodile (Flamethrower Version) before i upload it. Credits to HerrDave for the base models and animating the last 3 wheels
  7. Renault FT 2

    Renault FT 2

    Almost finished.
  8. Renault FT

    Renault FT

    Just needs wheels and few other things and i think it will be good to go. Credit to HerrDave for base models.
  9. stein123

    Help fixing a model

    Hello! i need help with this model, when i import it on the WE it works ok, but in-game it causes a bug that affects the lightning of the whole map, making it most of the map black, can ayone help me please? u_u
  10. Char Saint Chamond

    Char Saint Chamond

    Almost done, I just have problems with shading (normals) and getting some parts of the mesh look like the real one.
  11. St.Chamond


    I have great trouble making this french tank. Base model:A7V Credits to HerrDave
  12. Hazop

    Tank Machine Gun Spray

    Is there a way to make an ability that when casted, acts like "Breath of Fire". (when fired it fires in a cone shape doing damage to nearby units as well) Problem is, is that the bullet projectile fired only hits 1 unit and the other units are magically damaged. IS there anyway to fix this?
  13. Verdun

    Animated tank treads / walk animation for tank models

    As with most things, I suppose I could piece this together somehow, but I don't even know where to start, exactly. I have been looking at tank models in the model editor, and I figure it requires animated textures, but so far I really haven't been able to "reverse-engineer" this effect. I would...
  14. ChocolateMonster12

    Importing Thunderlord Heavy Assault Tank V2

    Hi, i just want to say that i tried the tutorial here How to import 'Thunderlord Heavy Assault Tank V2' | HIVE , i tried all the steps but it still doesn't work i re-open my world editor then it's the normal siege engine i tried it too in custom game and its siege engine idk why? help me please...