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  1. Dispatcher

    Unit and Hero Talk through Subtitles or Dialogues

    Hello guys can anyone tell me how to make a unit or hero a dialogue or subtitle where they are talking in the actual game? Like for example when the hero Archmage dies he would say something or when my allies base is under attack the unit or hero in that team tries to call for help meaning...
  2. Diegoit

    (SOLVED) Portrait talk

    Please, i need a portrait talk for this model :)
  3. Sleepless

    Lets talk about PvP

    PvP in Action games. Competitiveness, skill, challenge, the potential to outplay your opponent in fast-paced combat, action (mostly Hero Arenas). I'm not talking about strategy type like Castle Fight, Legion TD, Azeroth Wars (whatever today's kidz play) that isn't in the action category. Famous...
  4. sluk

    [Discussion] Simple but fun games

    So most games that i see is usually talked about, are big projects. (Like:The witcher,big MMOs,Skyrim,etc) All of these games are really big and as a beginner developer i do find it disencouraging. Because now i get the idea that only these big games get the gamers attention. However thats not...