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  • 🏆 Texturing Contest #33 is OPEN! Contestants must re-texture a SD unit model found in-game (Warcraft 3 Classic), recreating the unit into a peaceful NPC version. 🔗Click here to enter!
  • 🏆 HD Level Design Contest #1 is OPEN! Contestants must create a maze with at least one entry point, and at least one exit point. The map should be made in HD mode, and should not be openable in SD. Only custom models from Hive's HD model and texture sections are allowed. The only exceptions are DNC models and omnilights. This is mainly a visual and design oriented contest, not technical. The UI and video walkthrough rules are there to give everyone an equal shot at victory by standardizing how viewers see the terrain. 🔗Click here to enter!


  1. vikingdodo

    Video GAME survey

    Hello everyone :) Hello everyone :) Please take your time (no more than 10 minutes) to fill up the following questionnaire. I'm trying to find relationship between video games behavior and personality traits. I believe Hiveworkshop is one of the best community of players. So please take your...
  2. vikingdodo

    Video Gaming Survey

    Hello everyone :) Few months ago, I asked you to help me with my psychological research, which is important for my Bachelor's degree. My research is about strategy games and personality traits. I think Hiveworkshop is one of the best community of strategy game players. So please take your time...
  3. Cherrymage

    Survey: Which qualities do you mostly look for in a map/campaign?

    Greetings, I am conducting a survey here. What do you normally look for while browsing for maps or campaigns to play/window-shopping? Is it how much fun and joy it brings? Or a beautiful presentation with flashy pictures? Perhaps are you mostly going for the story/lore? Is it something else? Or...