sunken ruins

  1. pocketwookiee

    Sunken Ruins D1 Guide

    Sunken ruins, also know as D1 is the first dungeon you will encounter after completing both the tutorial dungeon as well as the warden quest. This can be quite a big step up from the tutorial dungeon both in length and difficulty. Sunken ruins is obviously themed around a sunken ruins, in this...
  2. Sheephunter

    TEXTURE RECOLOR REQUEST: Sunken temple Tile/Cliff (Simple)

    Hello, I'm working on a map and to fit the theme of it I need a recolor of the sunken temple "Large Bricks" tile and the same recolor for the corresponding clif texture called "Ruind Walls". As of the new update of Wc3 I dont have the MPQ files anymore, so if any1 still have access to those...
  3. JZG

    Naga V1.3