1. W

    Discussion: Icons submission's rules & guidelines, WC3 icons' borderlines to WC3R icons' borderlines

    The icons' submission rules and guidelines say the standard Warcraft 3 borders, with the Button Managers, is there the consideration of switching from WC3 icons' borderlines to WC3R icons' borderlines since they are still WC3-based instead of the latter? Or, prolly, is it fine for the future...
  2. Avatars Lord

    Game Night's Map Challenge

    The Next Custom Game Night's at 6:00 pm UTC on Saturday, August 11th, 2018! So get your maps ready for The Night! Welcome to the Game Night's Map Contest! Have you heard of The Custom Game Night which is hosted by Selaya? Maybe you have heard it and you have attended the Game Night even...
  3. hardcure

    Map Submission Rules

    Anyone Can give me the link of Map Submission Rules? Or can anyone help me Locate it. Please Help