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  1. darkravenbest

    Count character in strings not bites

    Hello! I have a really retarded question for you today. How to count actual characters in string? The only function i know is StringLength(), which returns string weight, which is okay when we deal with numbers or english letters, but when string has something foreign, something alien, it...
  2. Luashine

    [JASS] Performance analysis of 'leaking' Jass strings & Lua

    Common knowledge has it Jass strings leak!!!1 and are bad!!!1 Let's benchmark by generating A TON of strings. Test code & setup The code below takes your chat message, like "-10" and generates ONE 10-char long string (1=10/10). That's equivalent to generating 10 distinct unique strings in Jass...
  3. katya18

    Check if string is real number

    Hi guys. The task is next: I have a string, it could be anything in theory. I need function function IsReal takes string s returns boolean endfunction that checks, whether or not string can be converted to real number I dont need full tests like including -(negative values) or exponential...
  4. TheDoener

    Concatenate Strings in LUA

    Hey all, I have a question. When i write this line: print("Congratulations to", GetPlayerName(Player(0)), ". You have been elected to rule the kingdom!") why is it printed ingame like this: Congratulations to_____Name of Player______. You have been elected to rule the kingdom! (_____ shows...
  5. OverClocked

    [Trigger] Set the text Language of a Map?

    Basically, I have a map that uses this hotkey system that's based off strings. And after testing multiple times I've discovered that the map desyncs for players that use a non-english text version of the game. (my triggers check ability names and compares them) And I'm sure that's what...
  6. J2Krauser

    Obscure and weird bug with Channel order string

    Hi. Apologies if there was a thread about this somewhere, I tried searching, but nothing similar came up which isn't all that surprising considering the nature of this bug. It's extremely specific, and is also beyond my expertise with the editor to explain, which is why I'm posting here...
  7. Rykon-V73

    Problem with string commands

    I had an idea of showing the hints in 2 ways. One way is below. Here's an example. The trigger isn't done, as there's more work: Hint Events Time - Every 80.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions -------- Here, hints will appear, depending on a chance. --------...
  8. Nazujin

    How to Convert a collored string in a normal one?

    Hello guys. Like the title says, how do i convert a collored string into a normal one? with gui by preference! thanks
  9. Ricola3D

    Debugging: how-to log all trigger executions?

    Hello, I am trying to debug a desync issue. For this I am already doing hooks on functions known for causing desync that write logs in a local file. However, I'd like to also log trigger executions. This way I may be able to know what last triggers execute before desync. Do you know how I can...
  10. Murilliom

    [Solved] Preserving Proper Names Between "Unit - Replace "

    Anyone know of a quick and dirty way to preserve a Hero's proper name between replacement? For example, I have an instance where a Hero is replaced with an identical Hero with different abilities. In this case, "Build Advanced Structures". However, once the Hero is replaced, a new Proper Name...
  11. KvickaN

    [Solved] All my tooltips are gone/empty

    Edit: Fixed, after lots of testing I forgot I had imported war3map.wts so thats why the saving did not work. Now it saves correctly again, just have to rewrite everything. Lesson learned. Always keep a backup. :-) Hi, Got a major issue, all my tooltips have gone missing. I spent about half a...
  12. NEL

    Maximum String Length

    What is the maximum length of a string variable? For each (Integer A) from 1 to 1024, do (Actions) Loop - Actions Set SampleString = (SampleString + ABC)
  13. Prometheus3375

    Jass has troubles with reading reals

    I made a test in WarCraft 3 1.26a. I filled 2 arrays of reals with the powers of 2 from 0 to -13. The first array was filled by 'hand', and the values of the second were produced by computation of WarCraft 3. In addition, I put a check if the same powers stored in arrays will differ. This check...
  14. Toby_lRonne

    Substituting values in object data

    Substituting, transposing. There is probably a technical vernacular for what I am describing, but I'm new to the WC3 modding scene. It is done a few times with some abilities. E.g. this from ANav — Avatar (Neutral) Ubertip Activate Avatar to give Lord Garithos <ANav,DataA1> bonus armor...
  15. DracoL1ch

    [JASS/AI] Strings table and misunderstanding of caching concept

    WC3 written on C and uses typical caching method when it comes to strings. Every existing string being cached into virtual table which may improve mem use while working with tons of strings with the same content. You can learn more about it over the internet. I've been using async strings in my...
  16. DrTema

    Help with Coordinates, please.

    Hello, I kinda don't have idea how guy in the video made this. So what's the idea. I want to move special unit to any location on the map by command in chat. I can use trigger "Conversion - Convert String to Real" to set varibales for X and Y coordinates. So for "X" coordinates I use "6,8"...