strategy & risk

  1. Ironguard

    Lordaeron's Plague

    This entire city must be purged ! [Description will be fullfilled] Release date: End of March 2022 !
  2. Achille

    [Strategy / Risk] Northrend Gambit

    Northrend Gambit Welcome to Northrend Gambit! This map is something I have been working on for a while now, inspired by maps like Lordaeron Tactics, War in the Plaguelands, and Glory of the Horde. It is a spawn-based strategy game set in the frozen wastes of Northrend. The time in which the...
  3. valkemiere

    [Strategy / Risk] Siege of Xiapi

    Siege of Xiapi Author : Valkemiere Map Type : Strategy Total War + Dynasty Warrior Objective : Defeat Lu Bu Summary : Up to 15 Players. Each player can pick kind of troops at start of game. Maximum 50 units. 15 Team against AI Computer.
  4. AMarkoff

    [Altered Melee] Universe of Elements: Arena

    Universe of Elements Set 3: Arena [alpha] Lore "Greetings, Great Magician! After the War of Shining Elements, I promised that I would keep peace in all the Five Kingdoms. You must be smitten with the beauty of the cities of the Empire, we have reached prosperity. In honor of the 10th...
  5. Gandalf7000

    [Strategy / Risk] Defence of Dalaran City

    Hi. I' ve been working on this map for a while now. It mainly follows the Reign of Chaos storyline except this time you have do defend Dalaran and not siege it. Map info: Kel'Thuzad has opened the Dark Portal and Arcimonde has entered Azeroth to cause chaos. The Wizards of the Kirin Tor and...
  6. deepstrasz

    WcIII Hiveworkshop maps you like list(s)

    Here are some maps from the Hiveworkshop community that I've enjoyed the most. In no particular but mostly recently played order (incomplete material not included):