1. Davayan Mecha Corp.jpg

    Davayan Mecha Corp.jpg

    The Davayan MechaCorp was founded by Mona Davaya, a chief Engineer from the fallen Kingdom of Smaragdus. Although lacking physical strength within its military, Davaya is known for its terrifying machines of war. Not only that but they are also known to forge quality armor for their troops.
  2. FlameofChange

    [Strategy / Risk] War of the Worlds

    War of the Worlds The game focuses on developing a world, invading others while defending from other. Survival of the fittest ! Large battles ! Micro and Macro intensive ! Starcraft players might get interested in this, but why not inviting some other guest RTS games to make a rich RTS ...
  3. Verdun

    Project: "Broodcraft - Metamorphoses"

    You know, whether or not I actually finish this, I think I want to share a few previews. Unlike many other projects I want this one to be fairly compact, ideally just a short campaign without a big convoluted story, trying out a few city- and army building mechanics.
  4. Hazop

    Medieval Fantasy + Steampunk

    I recently got the Idea of making a Medieval Fantasy Steampunkish Campaign. Where a highly advanced (by medieval standards) Steampunk style nation goes a campaign, taking over several nations that were seen as superior but where overwhelmed due to the Steampunk nation having mastered...