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  1. Kreuzschlitz

    [Trigger] Stance Swap Ability - Vanishing Abilities

    Hi everyone, A week or two ago I posted a thread about making a stance swapping mechanic that retained the cooldowns used in other stances. A person suggested disabling/enabling abilities as stances are swapped which worked fine but I have ran into some issues with it. As a bit of a prelude I...
  2. Thiiago

    [GUI] Ranged and Meele by Trigger in Actual Version

    I need a system to switch via Trigger my hero a Shaman to be a Ranged or a Meele. Ranged Stance: - Damage Type: Magic - Weapon Type: Missile - Attack Range: 800 - Missile Speed: 1000 - Weapon Sound: None - Missile Art: Lightning Orb / Shaman missile Meele Stance: - Damage Type: Normal -...