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  1. TwoLeft

    [JASS] EVENT_UNIT_DAMAGED firing mid function?

    Alright, I just fixed a strange bug. I had a trigger that would use a global to a.) deal damage and b.) create a floating text. There was nothing between both function calls. They were back to back. Yet somehow the the damage would be dealt but the floating text would always be 0. Turns out...
  2. bruunk

    [Solved] Want input on how to do a stacking spell

    Hi, I'm trying to make a spell that essentially will add +1 to a stack every time the unit is attacked by the Hero. What I'm looking to make is almost like Shadow Demon's shadow poison spell from Dota, though it will not be added through a spell but rather an auto attack. It will be able to be...
  3. bruunk

    [Solved] Info on what types of slows stack with themself

    Hi, I want to make a spell that has a short cooldown and will slow the target slightly, allowing the player to spam out slows and gradually make the target enemy very slow. I know that slow poison has a field for this, I've never tested it but I was thinking about using that but I want to know...
  4. Nosiaz

    Probably stupid question

    I have seach and only see thing with trigger, but this is suposse to work without, why when i just put a number at "stats - max stacks" at a item, the item doesnt stack at all, idk what im doing wrong actualy xd
  5. El Saif

    [Trigger] Return Lumber and Stacking Item

    Ok, so i need to know how to give a unit an item, in this case Lumber. Unit will get an amount of stack equal to how much lumber it currently harvested. I'm using Easy Item Stack 'n Split v2.7.4 for the system. I tried to detect lumber before and after the unit returning the lumber and give it...
  6. Uncle

    [Solved] Creating a building inside of another building (Placement Requirement visual issue)

    Edit: Here's the solution i'm going with now. Using dummy units for every type of Shop would be a lot easier than this workaround, but I don't want dummy units. Will hiding/unhiding units like this cause any issues? It appears to work fine ingame. Select Shop Copy Events Player -...
  7. jaspergeli

    [Spell] How to stack Barrage and Searing Arrow?

    It's better if you can help me how to put Searing Arrow to the Barrage targets. Does this require complex triggers? Thanks in advance.
  8. konradt

    Trigger for depleting stacked items in an inventory?

    I was wondering if code exists that takes away a potion from a stack of potions in a unit's inventory. Periodically, or as an event. Doesn't have to be potions. In theory, this would allow stacks of items to be used as a resource.
  9. CodeBlack

    [Spell] Ui/ way to provide overview over stacks

    Hey there, Im currently trying to find a way to show the player how many Stacks he accumulated on a certain ability without using messages (they look ugly af). The ability has 3 different stack types and i dont have enough space to place 3 dummy abilities as info fields. i tried to use the orb...