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  1. polarbearguy

    [Solved] Cooldowns of abilities in spellbook refresh when leveling it up?

    So I have a hero, which has quite a handful of spellbooks as his hero skills. When he learns a spellbook, all of the abilities inside it are set to the current level of this spellbook. Pretty simple, yeah, but here's the thing. Whenever this spellbook is learned, cooldowns of all the abilities...
  2. FSK

    How to add hero abilities to spellbook?

    Looks like it can only use item and unit abilities, is that correct? I can't start with item or unit abilities then convert in game with triggers for various reasons. Thanks
  3. A. Lecknoff

    [Spell] Spell Book shared recharge time bug ?

    Hello everyone, I created a custom spell book with 2 spells. When you use one of them, it should put the other one on cooldown. To do that, I set the "shared cooldown" on TRUE in the spell editor. However, it doesn't seem to work when I test it. Any idea why? (Set recharge time of spells at...
  4. Tanni

    Spell Book Skill as Normal Skill (Skills Inside Spellbook Level Up)

    Edit: Right, sorry I've figured it out as quickly as I started up this thread, please close this. Sorry, and thanks!
  5. NikAlien

    [Spell] Need help with creating "build" via "spellbook"

    I want to create a building option via spellbook. I made spells based on "Build Tiny Scout Tower" for the custom buildings i made, and i also made a spellbook for them. But every time i try to create buildings with my worker, he builds the same building. Example - I made a tent, campfire and...
  6. Demonsul

    A Spell Issue

    I am making a map. In the map, I created a modified Spell Book which holds modified Carrion Beetle spells. Each spell is supposed to summon a different unit type. However, whichever spell I cast, a Worker unit type is summoned. What is going wrong? I tried to fix the problem by changing the...