spell animation

  1. HerlySQR

    How can I get if a unit successfully casted a spell?

    Hello, I wanna know if there is way that if a unit casted an spell without getting an error like casting Holy Bolt to a unit with full hp or enemy unit.
  2. TrippyEyes

    Custom Starfall/Monsoon ability without replacing the original

    Was wondering if anyone found a work around for this issue. I've realized in Reforged custom Buff/Effects for these two spells do not work, but changing the Buff/Effect of the original spell will work for using custom spell models. This comes at the expense of losing the original Starfall and...
  3. Ahimtar

    [Spell] In my lightning-based spell, source target can't be moved for some reason

    Hello, I'm making a spell for my hero arena (Icecrown Arena, work in progress), where a hero gets bound onto an enemy for a few seconds, keeping him in a 550 distance with the enemy. I've based the spell on a Channel and triggered it and it all seems to work, except for moving the lightning...
  4. HerlySQR

    Soul Gem Effect

    Hello I wanna a effect that looks like the soul gem effect when you cast it, but that only has the hands and stay there the necessary time, because I wanna do a spell like tangled roots, but instead of roots, there is a demonic hands.
  5. Cryze666

    [Spell] Flamestrike color? -> need help!

    So the basic idea was to create a green flamestrike version to fit the "fel-magic" theme. i exportet the model of flamestrike, looked up the textures its using, exported the textures and changed everythign to green, changed the paths of the green flamestrike to the green textures (see first...
  6. DeMoN100

    Looking for Trigger / JASS AI Scripters

    Looking to create a RP map like all the other successes. I am currently at this moment terraining the map and writing a unique storyline with a whole custom lore. I will update post with screenshots soon and need someone who is familiar with writing triggers and scripting commands and animations...