1. MuckCZE

    Fallen Swords

    Hello. I got the idea from one GMV to spell where swords would fall from the sky in the line and stab themselves in the ground. Does anyone know the animation of falling swords?
  2. Ragnar9

    Healing spell

    Looking to create a unit spell that when clicked friendly heals units in a certain range around the unit. Exactly like the Dwarf elite Mountain King beer spell in LTA. I'm stumped...
  3. HolyWillRise

    [Import] HELP!

    How can i make 1 spell to scale from attributes? For example... Flame strike deals x20 INT damage. And 1 more for example: Heals the target ally for 10x int. ***Imporatnt*** I am very bad with scripts and events. please show me the easiest way to do it, or with video (if...
  4. HolyWillRise

    [Import] HELP! I am working at big project but i have problems with a lot of things.

    I am using the building (Techtree) for upgrades and also create own custom upgrades but i can do only a few talents by using Techtree and custom upgrades... Also i never worked with scripts, Gui or even with Events (With events just a little bit) Also.. I created a spell to raise dead army from...
  5. Letgoit2

    Multiple Spell KIT for my Hero's map!

    Hello! ^^ I will make it short and no useles talking. Currently iam working on a Melee Map with events and all that good stuff. So i planned like ALOT OF heros to chose from. And i DO have some Ideas for champions kit but i need help with the execution as iam still learning. I will credit the...