spawn system

  1. M4gz

    [General] Lags when creeps appear

    Im making kind of Hero Defence and i want to randomize creeps type of each wave. At first I put every creep in one tileset (about 300 unit types) then i was trying to make simple "create random creep of lvl" this maked lags even with 3 units... I was thinking that happends because of a lot of...
  2. Gilded

    [Solved] How do I make Units appear at a time of day?

    In FOTN by Shadegabriel and the other guy. They used a system where villagers appear in the morning and at around 18:00 they dissapear and appear at 6:00 the next day. This is a supposed continuous trigger meant to run forever. The flaw of the trigger is that it does not work properly for...
  3. Shaeam

    [Solved] Weird Trigger Issue?

    Essentially I've created a creep system much like DotA's where it spawns a single random group per creep camp. For example; for an easy camp it'll create 3 Centaurs, 3 Satyrs, or 3 Bandits. A hard camp will spawn 3 Demons, 3 Naga, or 3 Tauren. It works fine; if every creep camp is set to...