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  1. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Import] Questions about editing 1) sound sets and 2) imported models?

    Hi all, I'm playing around with making heroes, and I have 2 general questions: 1 - I believe (but please correct me if I'm mistaken) it's not possible to make custom sound sets for units (at least not easily), but it is possible to edit existing ones. I would like to edit the Dryad sound set...
  2. Kclantern1984

    Speech sounds not working

    Ever since I upgraded to Reforged, My custom units seem to no longer be able to find their sound sets. I didn't import any custom sounds, just using the built in sounds that seemed most appropriate. For example, a custom goblin worker unit used the goblin tinker sounds. But now the only sound it...
  3. Asuna Tichondrius

    Can possible Reforged has new sound set?

    Can posibbly blizzard create/remake sound set? i mean there are many useless sound set like this : Swordman >>> same as Priest but less quotes. Proudmoore >>> same as Paladin but less quotes. HeroDreadLordMorph >>> exist but has no sound. Assassin >> same as Warden but less quotes. Corrupt Ent...
  4. Kentaru_Z

    Reforged "Exclusive" Classic Models.

    I wanted to know if there is a way to have access to the "exclusive" classic models, textures (and their soundset if new) released with Reforged, specifically the female Death Knight and Demon Hunter. I don't own Reforged, but I would like to get my hands on the new stuff with the classic...
  5. ElevatorEleven

    Is it possible to transfer custom sound sets between maps?

    Been working on and off as a hobby on a set of maps all using the same set of characters for the past few years. Recently made a bunch of custom sound sets for many of them. Previously I'd had to replace each internal sound file one by one for every unit in every map, so I was very excited last...
  6. Eshkova

    Custom soundset & replacig sound Problems

    Hi there everyone, I have the following problem: none of the normal ways to replace an already existing unit soundset (AKA making a custiom one) actually work When i rightclick -> replace intern sound , its all fine for a moment until i save the map: then the replaced sounds aswell as the...