1. Kclantern1984

    [General] Custom sound when dying while holding item

    Pretty much what it says in the title. I want to make a trigger that plays a sound when a unit dies while holding a particular item, and only that item. I know the event is "Unit dies" and the effect is "Play Sound" but I can't seem to get the conditions worked out. Any thoughts?
  2. StonemaulMidget

    [General] Weapon Death Sounds: MCAT

    Hello Hive, StonemaulMidget again, I want to replace the WarCraft III Death sound of a catapult/Demolisher missile exploding, with that of a WarCraft II Catapult. I believe Helldoom sought ways to replace the internal sound, but all he could manage is replace the sounds of a catapult firing its...
  3. GrapesOfWath

    GrapesOfWath's Musical Things And Stuff

    I've been making some musical cues for a tree tag map I'm working on, and I felt like I should share them with the public, so here's a zip with 5 different .flac files, free to use for whatever (just give credit of course) I'm also open to requests, although this is kinda new territory for me so...
  4. Kclantern1984

    Speech sounds not working

    Ever since I upgraded to Reforged, My custom units seem to no longer be able to find their sound sets. I didn't import any custom sounds, just using the built in sounds that seemed most appropriate. For example, a custom goblin worker unit used the goblin tinker sounds. But now the only sound it...
  5. HerlySQR

    [Solved] Does the sounds leak if they are generated variables?

    I think the sounds just leak If they are created and not if they are generated variables, but can you confirm me that?
  6. jj84

    Wc2 Sounds (Solved)

    Hi guys..... Someone can find and share the sound of the pig farm in warcraft 2.
  7. Darklycan51

    Making music/sounds work in newer patches

    Hello fellow wc3 modders, today I will bring you a tutorial for something that is very widely used and has been changed as of recently. Making music and sounds work in your map, yes, as of recently Blizzard has changed which sounds and music work in Warcraft 3, due to that, you are now required...