sound issue

  1. Wiimeiser

    Undiagnosed vanilla mod conflict

    Recently I've been trying to resolve a conflict between the Warcraft Classic and Star2 Coop mods. The two don't explicitly say they are incompatible like the Campaign and Multi mods do, however enabling both at once causes all the sounds to disappear in whichever of the two mods is lower on the...
  2. OverClocked

    [General] GetLocalPlayer() for transmissions/sounds

    Hi, i've been wondering whether it's possible to create a transmission for a single player, along with the sound that plays from it without desyncing when using GetLocalPlayer().
  3. Tamplier

    Sound Becomes Silent

    Hi. I updated my warcraft to 1.30 from 1.24 and got an issue. When in my custom map cutscenes are running, for a random reason second or third cutsceene is played without sound. As if variables were deleted. But Sound vars are ok. Did anybody face similar issue? Is this related to Fmod sound...