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  1. TehSDragon

    Tried to make a triggered AoE slow but it's not working - what am I doing wrong/why is it not working properly

    So I made a spell based on Fan of Knives (I like the animation) and added a trigger (see below) 'cuz I wanted to throw an AoE slow on top of it. Problem is, the slow seems to only activate on one enemy each time I cast the ability instead of all nearby enemies, and I'm not sure where the issue...
  2. Luthfandino

    [SD/Modeling] [Models] Draenei Unit Needed

    Hello, i need a draenei unit based on the Human Sorceress and Night Elf Druid of the Talon models, thanks
  3. Thiiago

    Shadowy Dress parts bug

    How i can fix this "bugs" of parts of dress is darked? and anothers is so lighted ?
  4. Rubellu Sidus

    [SD/Modeling] Isendra - Diablo II Sorceress

    Hey, guys! I would like someone to help me in a issue I've been facing. I've created a Diablo II Sorceress using the base model of Jaina Proudmoore: The model can be found here: Isendra - Diablo II Sorceress However I am facing a few problems, since I don't have any skills at animating a...
  5. BrothForMyPeople

    Wierd moving thing in a cut model [2 Screenshots]

    I'm editing Priestess of Moon to be unmounted, hovering unit. Just one thing bothers me - the wierd moving hank of texture under the Priestess (looks like the tiger's texture). As you can see, there's nothing on the Model Editor. I don't know how to delete this thing.
  6. Thiiago

    Just an "model" of sorcerer

    I need just that picks the model of an War3 normal Sorceress, and do two things. - 1) Put the "head" of Emissary (The Human Mage, of War3, version of HE Priest priest but human.) - 2) Make the sorceress "forms" or "body" more "Male" understand? no breasts, and no female contours the body...