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  1. Zaaif

    Chess TD V1.36

    Hello guys I made my own TD map, that is inspired by Legion TD. So you build towers, that during the wave transform to units and fight mobs to defend the Golem. The game supports 1 to 4 players Map has couple of game modes: Mobs amount: -Standard -2x -3x Mode: -Solo -Co-op There are 3...
  2. Meatsausage

    [Tower Defense] Mun TD Wars

    Hello, for further development i need some feedback! map: Mun TD Wars. Play against other players 1v1, 2v2, or Practice alone or as a team against the computer. Any feedback, criticism, idea etc. is highly appreciated! Thank you, enjoy the game!
  3. The_Silent

    Modeling Contest #31 - Spawners and Spawned [Optionally Paired]

    SPAWNERS AND SPAWNED [Optionally Paired] Contestants are to create two models. A spawner and a spawned unit. The combination can be a summoner and its summoned unit, a structure and the minions it spawns/trains, a master and its servant(s), or similar combination of 'creator' and 'created' unit...
  4. Hoth

    [Strategy / Risk] 1 Player Map - Pillage v0.75d (Last version: 23/05/2021)

    Hello every one ! I’m here to present you a map I’ve been working on during the last months.It's a one player map I started last year as a full French map and I decided to try to translate it as good as I can and present it here. For a French description of the map please go here Last...