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  1. Izzetin

    [Solved] Slash / Pushback Ability help

    Hello Community, Iam looking for a rather generic Spell but i cant figure out how to do this Specific variation of it. I need an Ability (close range, frontal cleave) where the Casting unit Slides slighty towards the Enemy while doing a ''Slash'' effect Attack Animation. If the Enemy infront of...
  2. polo2005

    [Trigger] Is there a way to make slide/charge skills follow "pathing"? or a way to disable manual moving units

    Hello, I'm trying to do a map where unit movement is handled by the "ai" but you can still cast abilities. my first idea was to set movement speed to 1 so they are able to turn and use a charge spell(based on channel and hidden so only triggers could proc it) to move my units move around...
  3. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Spell] Making a GUI Slide Trigger look smooth?

    Hi all, I'm making a fairly simple spell, mostly as practice/education. It's called Inner Flame. When cast, the caster fires a projectile in a target direction that damages the first enemy hit. The projectile then disappears. Functionally, I have it working perfectly. I made casting Inner...
  4. Uncle

    [Solved] Slide System (x and y position movement) problems

    EDIT: I managed to solve the issues with this trigger: Issues: 1) The sliding unit spins in an endless circle if you right click/order it to move too close to itself. 2) The sliding unit spins if you click near unpathable terrain, and even just being near anything with collision seems to...
  5. El Saif

    [Trigger] Spell Fixing - To Arms! GUI

    Well, i need help to fix my spells to be working properly. This spell is using unit indexer. Here is the triggers : I know this spell is not 100% work. What i want to do with this spell is : Fully MUI of course. Each enemy unit is only affected once per knight/dummy (damages, slow). So if...