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  1. DexterFstone


    How to make the sky it's like this picture?
  2. Green_Gold


    Reforged!! Reforged!! Reforged!! I thought I was ready to quit warcraft 3. So.. Here is my new picture. I made it from this. globe2 A moving sky ! I will continue until a better dynamic skies. In this place!!!
  3. Green_Gold

    [My second terrain]

    Hey, guys. It's me again. This is my second Terrain and my first terrain editing movie, and I hope you can give me some advice on how to change it.:D I've been so obsessed with ”hiveworkshop“ sky, I don't know how to do it, so I made a sky and put some glow around it. And , I want to add this...
  4. Modding-Ivan

    How do they actually create high places terrain?

    How do they actually put fog/cloud like effect to induce something like a place beyond the sky just like in iceborn and everglade? Sorry for using your pic imago_
  5. Furry Nova

    Does Hive Have a Sky Texture Resource Section?

    Does this site have a sky texture resource section? I don't know if I over looked the sub sections somewhere and I've had no luck with search. I've recently been reading up on transparent tiles and looking if there are any fancy sky textures available to fill the unfilled void under the map.