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  1. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Trigger] Skillshot with AOE damage - damage often triggers multiple times?

    Hi all, As part of a larger project, I'm making a hero ability (based on Death and Decay) called Fire Bolt (unrelated to the in-game Firebolt ability). Fire Bolt is meant to do as follows: The character picks a target direction A projectile unit spawns and begins travelling a set distance in...
  2. TheJusticeSong

    [Spell] Skillshot that comes back

    Greeting gentlemens, Well I'm pretty sure the solution is really simple, I'm trying to create a spell (a skill shot), wich comes back to the caster after reaching his maximum range. I've searched many times the solution without succes (I've checked how the spell of Rizzrak, but since it is a...
  3. troylowyee

    Clash Single Lane Skillshot AoS Beta

    ----------User who uploaded map Presents---------- Clash Created by Troylow Map Info: Clash is a single lane skill shot based map. There are only 3 heroes with specific roles: Tank, Archer and Priest. You must push through the towers and defeat the Doom Guard to win. Features...
  4. troylowyee

    [Aeon of Strife] Looking for Partner and Beta Tester For Skillshot based game

    I am creating a single laned AoS Styled map that is largely based on skillshots. There are 3 heroes only. Priest, Archer and Tank. The spells are already coded but there are bugs which i cant seem to fix or dont know if they are there. The gameplay is meant to be simple. 3 heroes single lane...