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  1. Lordul Dracula

    [Solved] Make shockwave destroy trees

    Hi i want to help somebody with a skill. A shockwave that will destroy trees but i can't make this skill to work fine. Can somebody tell me want i need to change here? Thx +rep Untitled Trigger 002 Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability...
  2. Nazujin

    Triggered Shockwave

    Hello guys. Anyone could help me to make a very simple triggered shockwave? i want to make a shockwave that deals triggered damage. "dummy damage target by STRx1.0 spell damage type"
  3. JackAcorda

    Arrow for Shockwave Missile

    I am making an ability which uses an arrow for a shockwave's missile, however the arrow seem to be attached to the ground. :xxd: How do you make a shockwave's missile appear higher? Changing the missile arc doesn't seem to work :(
  4. Cryophoenix

    [Spell] Creating an 'double shockwave' ability

    Trying to create an ability with shoots two projectiles from each side. (Something like this) All I could manage is creating the dummy caster at a set location, however that doesn't work when my caster changes it's facing angle as the dummy always spawn at X,X point. Can someone show me an...
  5. Krakenn99

    [Trigger] Why is this trigger killing units instantly?

    This is basically a "shockwave" that spawns fire(units) in its way. It deals damage equal to the casters AGI; the problem is that it instantly kills all heroes it comes in contact with since it doesn't detect them that they are in group[2] for some reason. Pls help.
  6. plazma019

    Violet Shockwave

    Pls help me, cuz Idk how to make a model.
  7. TheAyalalalalon

    [Solved] Trigger Shockwave not applying the damage correctly

    I made a trigger version of shockwave ability but for some reason it does not works properly Disparo Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Ability Actions Set Final = (Target point of ability being...
  8. Loner-Magixxar

    [General] Ability Shockwave Leaks??

    After spending half a day thinking that my code is causing a leak in the game (Although all leakage issues had been dealt in the trigger), I decided to try something else. I removed the triggers and cast the spell on its own and saw to my amazement that the ability itself is causing the leak...
  9. MartianMan92

    A straight arrow Shockwave

    In the normal world editor, I am trying to make a spell that is like shock wave just with a different missle, but when you change the missle from shockwave or carrion swarm to like an arrow or something, it does not shoot straight... The missle goes in a different direction from where you...