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  1. Sapprine

    Photoshop-Enhanced Drustvar Reforged Beta Pics + Thoradin's Wall Bonus image

    All of these images were enhanced in Photoshop, but who can blame me? Reforged has very poor lighting, no shadows, fog doesn't work, sky boxes are tiny and the resolution of the Editor looks blurry as heck. All of this, and the map borders don't even display properly, low framerate and the...
  2. you will be remembered and missed 12 dollar bills and 4 pennies (Jan 19, 2019) (Media Version)

    you will be remembered and missed 12 dollar bills and 4 pennies (Jan 19, 2019) (Media Version)

    https://www.hiveworkshop.com/pastebin/0b57be0a08727a64f179ff502b1f03d319285/ = media version jic i might get rid of it as keeping it as on the pastebin also. | or ask me where to get rid of it if wanted. :)
  3. Rykon-V73

    A very funny and stupid request

    I know I'm requesting a spell, but it's so stupid and funny, that you have to hear it. I'm requesting a spell named 'Golem Lurer' and I know there's a spell called Monster Lure, but I want this spell to attract only golems, their variations and the Infernal and its variations. The Golem Lurer is...
  4. Yours Truly

    [Solved] Can anybody tell me how this crashes Wc3?

    Target = Integer to determine which enemy is selected TargetMax = Max of Target IfAttack/Skill/ItemTime = Just un-necessary booleans EnemyIsEmpty = If enemy slot is empty EnemyIsDead = Its what it is Trigger Battle ActionsUpdateTarget = Contains variables that set TargetedEnemy to Target...