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  1. prizraknadache

    Normals Problem

    Hello. I have a problem with appearing normals (shadows on the surface). I am sure that i am doing something wrong in the topology. Please one of the good modellers can tell me what i doing wrong and how solve that to make smooth normals? I've also attach two screenshots that showing the problem.
  2. HandsOfficial

    Terrain Question - shadows weird

    Not sure hwo to even explain this I started a new map, i made it land (didnt make it deep water or anything) but then i realized it looks nicer with ponds and such when you can just sink the ground down low with the low/raise tool and i didnt want to restart what i had already so i just...
  3. Astromen

    Help mdlvis delphi5 code-language

    Hi, I'm writing cause I need a bit of help with mdlvis, I found the source-code in xgn and want to modify only one small thing, the texture visualizer mode, I tried to find alexey2005 for help or permission to edit but I have no luck :( , Ok so the problem is: model normals; when you edit a...
  4. prizraknadache

    Fix normals (shadows) on the model.

    Hello! How i can fix those ugly normals on that model? I know that this may be a repeated question, but i still did not understood a best possible option to fix them easily each time this issue appear. So, maybe can someone help me or guide me how they are usually can be fixed with saving all...
  5. JamesWoW

    No shadows on custom units

    Since the last patch on any custom game with custom units single or multiplayer a custom unit will have no shadows if anyone knows how to fix it, I would very much appreciate it This is what it looks like
  6. Cocorickoo

    [General] About lighting and other stuff

    Hello fellow Warcrafters I just bought Reforged with the intent of using the World Editor as a battlemap generator for Tabletop D&D. Is there any way to launch the map without seeing the in-game UI? If so, I could record the screen. How do I work with lighting and shadows? It seems like the...
  7. Sapprine

    Photoshop-Enhanced Drustvar Reforged Beta Pics + Thoradin's Wall Bonus image

    All of these images were enhanced in Photoshop, but who can blame me? Reforged has very poor lighting, no shadows, fog doesn't work, sky boxes are tiny and the resolution of the Editor looks blurry as heck. All of this, and the map borders don't even display properly, low framerate and the...
  8. Zordrak

    Removing shadows from used tomes

    Always when your heroes use a tome the little shadow of the tome is still left on the ground. This doesn't look so nice and it causes a leak. Has anybody an idea how to remove these shadows after a tome is used?
  9. The Panda

    How do i remove shadows from map?

    When I erased some trees, there shadows stayed.. how do I erase those? thanks!