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  1. Yours Truly

    This model's particles are not appearing in-game.

    Hey there. I'm having a rather annoying problem with this model. The model was made by @Mythic, so it's safe to say it starts to get complicated from there. This model is basically the same model, but with 4 more spears piercing out. It was rather easy to duplicate all the parts. It appears...
  2. Uncle

    [Solved] Playing specific animations for Special Effects

    Is there a way to choose a specific animation to play for special effects? Like play Attack - 1 or Attack - 2. I know you can do this using Animation Index for units. Edit: BlzPlaySpecialEffect(SpecialEffectName, ConvertAnimType(19)) This works for Special Effects.
  3. hemmedo

    (Solved) Need SFX fix on this spell

    Greetings, I need an AoE drain life for my map and it seems that this spell which was made by D4RK_G4ND4LF compensates my needs pretty much. But, apparently there is a graphical problem in this spell:\ The lightning effect doesn't show up properly unless fog of war is disabled or something. I...
  4. D

    Special Effect Competition #2 - Nature

    Special Effect Competition #2 Nature Deadline: 11th April 2008 (0:00 AM, GMT) - with possible extension. Winner(s) will be decided by the final votes of a public poll. This contest is about making Special Effects, but since only one SFX is rather simple and small, we'll be making...