1. DarkLord7

    looking for game mode

    So there was this one map/game-mode I used to play like a decade ago on Warcraft 3. I've been trying to search for this map, but the problem is, I don't quite remember what it's called. I somewhat remember some key words, but I don't know for sure if they were actually there. I remember "team"...
  2. repulsor

    Looking for my old favorite custom map, HELP please!

    Hi so im looking for my old favorite map, its a couple of years ago, but I’ll try my best to explain it! So it’s a “war” mode game and you have an option to choose to get waves instead of sending to each other, I think there were 4 teams, with 3-4 ppl on each team to defend the castle in the...
  3. Vpzneox

    Trying to Remember Old campaign

    Hello- I am quite new to the HWS' s forums (although, Years ago, I used to love visiting the HWS for new Maps, campaigns, etc.). I actually felt a need to register, since this is probably the most organised popular resource for Warcraft III Universe..... Either way, forgive me if...
  4. somen00b

    Can someone help me find a certain model (sort of)?

    I want to re-skin and/or edit a model to resemble this card I designed unofficially: I'm not asking anyone to make this for me, though I won't mind if someone does of course. All I'm asking is that someone point me to a model that's sort of similar that I can edit and or re-skin into a...