1. loktar

    Screenshot Icons Done Properly

    In this tutorial, I will show you my simple process in four easy steps for creating a screenshot icon that doesn't look (too much) like a screenshot icon. This tutorial uses and assumes basic knowledge of GIMP and Magos' Model Editor. Other tools will probably work just as well (just don't...
  2. Maxwell

    New Terrain

    Rufus decided to update/rework terrain of some places in Warden. So here I am. In this thread I will show some screenshots of completed work.
  3. River of Ithilien

    River of Ithilien
  4. River of Ithilien

    River of Ithilien
  5. River of Ithilien

    River of Ithilien
  6. TheDivineBoss

    RP-Screenshots iand RP-creations

    Ok peepz, since United Roleplayers site hit a iceberg and sank to the bottom of the void they sended me here to post here screenshots of creations in RPs. I can send some now. :grin::grin: SEND YOUROWN CREATIONS TOO! Because: More pictures more souls or something. Draculas Castle And a...