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  1. AngelCraft

    An Unit Immune to Stuns and certain effects, using PauseUnit.

    Previously, from what I knew in previous versions of Warcraft 3, before Blizzard gave the BlzPauseUnitEx feature, units could be immune to certain stuns using morph, mainly this is demonstrated in Dota 1 with the hero Alchemist and his transformation. But was there really just that way to make a...
  2. Chickncz

    [Solved] Custom AOE root spell bug?

    Hello everyone, It has been a while and I am still working on my map. I have tried debugging this "bug" in my map for the past 2 hours and I cannot figure out why it is happening. I am here to ask you guys for help, because I know you are the best. Problem: (Sorry, my WE is in the Czech...
  3. Macadamia

    [Lua , vJass, GUI, TypeScript] UPROOT / ROOT events workaround

    Hello there, just a quick code to help people trying to catch when a building with root ability is actually rooted / uprooted. To be honest, detecting an uproot is really straightforward as the effect is immediate. But catching when a building has finished re-rooting is more complex. After a...
  4. Nemesis_

    Uprooted Ancient Models?

    Hi, I am trying to create a custom unit based off the Ancient of War model. I would like to know if there's any way for me create the custom unit with the uprooted version. Thanks! Edit: I solved the problem, here's the solution for anyone interested: Remove the root ability and make it not...
  5. Tutko

    Root/uproot abilities

    Hi, I was wondering is it possible to have 2 set abilities, one for rooted and one for uprooted state ? When rooted I want the unit to have return gold ability, and when i uproot it I want to remove it. I've written this trigger but it doesn't work: EDIT: I also need uprooted unit to have...
  6. Elf_Lord

    Root Bone Animation Issue

    Hey, all! I'm a novice modeler in need of some advice or a fix here with an animation issue. I needed to give the Eredar model an actual fall-over death animation, so I made one in Mdlvis. A little over-the-top, I admit, but that's what I needed for this design. The problem is that the Eredar...
  7. RobertMKD

    Make 'Root' a No Target ability

    I want one of my abilities to morph the caster into a structure, but I want it to be a 'No Target' spell, unlike 'Root'. I used 'Stone Form' as a base, but it makes the unit unable to attack and 'Root' can change the 'Enabled Attack', which is exactly what I want cause I want my structure to be...