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  1. cobalte

    [Strategy / Risk] Risk Reforged: Rome

    Risk Reforged: Rome (RX3) By Cobalte A fresh take on Risk in which up to 24 players compete to restore the glory of the Roman Empire, doing battle across the historic Provinces of Rome and its allies during its greatest extent in 117 AD. Except Scotland. Basic Gameplay At the start, all...
  2. Attack On Rome

    Attack On Rome

  3. L1ghtFox

    Roman Soldiers

    Hello guys, i need some model of roman soldiers, for my project. Pls help :)
  4. Demendius

    Recruitment Town Fall

    Town Fall Concept: Each player get a Hero. The hero can create basic buildings. The hero will be able to get different professions like a Hunter, Fisher, etc. But the main point of the map is to fight over three towns. If a player gains control of said town, then he will gain power and money...
  5. GolluM_KoMe

    [Strategy / Risk] Rome II : Total War

    The map has been uploaded here.