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  1. john hopkins.png

    john hopkins.png

    Dwayne the Rock Jackson
  2. Woodenplank

    Custom Tile Pathability in Sharpcraft

    So I recently updated my Warcraft 3 (the patch of doom!), and - as far as I've tested and heard - World Editor Newgen no longer functions. So I got Sharpcraft instead (as my map has over 10thousand doodads I think) to remove editor limits. But I am missing a feature; custom tile pathability...
  3. CodeBlack

    [Miscellanous / Other] Rock, Paper...Orks?

    Hey Guys! I got a bit tired working on my Mega Project, so i decided to make something else. This is a very early Beta version. Hope you Like it! If you find Bugs or have Ideas for upgrades/ Spells etc. feel free to post. In general im happy about any Feedback ;) Greetings CodeBlack...