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  1. Luashine

    [Mapping] How to save maps in localized Warcraft 3 ROC v1.00 (Code error message)

    Russian for search results: Как сохранить карту в русской локализации Варкрафт 3 Reign of Chaos v1.00 (Ошибка с кодом) Earlier I stumbled upon this bug that prevented me from saving an empty map in Reign of Chaos v1.00 as it came off CD. I didn't know what the issue was and gave up. Today I hit...
  2. Firstrun70

    List of official patches for Warcraft 3

    List of official patches for Warcraft 3 Significant patches: 1.00 ROC release 1.03 added computer difficulty (Easy Normal Insane) 1.06 redesigned attack and armor system 1.07 TFT release 1.10 CustomKeys support 1.11 (listfile) file is missing in War3patch.mpq, starting from version...
  3. Arkth

    Custom RoC Campaing difficult issue

    Hello guys, I'm glad to be around with the community. First of all, excuse my english, I'll try to make me understand: So I'm "remastering" or "rebooting" RoC and TFT Campaings, using custom models and trying to be more loyal to Wow history, adding some known characters and surprises here and...
  4. stonneash

    Question: The best place to purchase Warcraft III RoC and TFT

    I'm trying to get back into the community, and I would like to make this investment. What would be the best place to get the latest version of the game? I've seen the games being sold for about $9 each, but maybe there is a pack for both games? I'm now in NA.