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  1. Lordliw

    Trading system

    I have to ask how does trading resources actually work and when someone can't and WHY. I don't really even know where to begin and what details to share so I'm just gonna leave the map so you can see for yourself and hopefully know what's wrong and why teal can't trade to light blue and gray...
  2. Cokemonkey11

    [RFC] Revamping "credits" in map resources

    Hi folks, There's been a discussion amongst a few hive staff members about the current rules for resource/map submissions. The details of this are: 1. Map resources presently require resource credits to be attested in both the map (often done in the quest menu, but not a requirement), and also...
  3. terrio

    groups/folders inside resources?

    is there way to group/split my models inside 1 resource? like i have variations for every model, but instead of adding for example 2x more models, i could create groups like Variation1 |__Model1.mdx |__Model2.mdx Variation2 |_Model1-alt.mdx |_Model2-alt.mdx And the user could...
  4. SpiritTauren

    [Role Playing Game] Fallout Tactics: Feral Despair (FTFD). Test Version Release.

    ---This section is to be updated--- Development period: 2018-... Note: most features listed below are already fully implemented in framework. I humbly ask people who downloaded the test version to post their feedback here. The map probably still has lots of bugs. Type /Credits in game to...
  5. pyf

    3D Buzz, Inc has closed its doors - all content available for free

    One may use the 3dbuzz.torrent file for downloading any or all of their available material. The subjects covered are: 3DBuzz was one of the original online learning resources for computer graphics, programming and game development, first launching way back in 2002. Until recently the site was...
  6. The_Silent

    Moving updated 'awaiting update' resource into 'pending'

    Didn't that used to be a thing? That resources in the 'awaiting update' section into the 'pending' section on update. Pretty sure that was how I used to keep track of updates, but some cases I've seen seem to suggest the opposite. Has it changed? I think 'rejected' and 'awaiting update' should...
  7. El Saif

    [Trigger] Return Lumber and Stacking Item

    Ok, so i need to know how to give a unit an item, in this case Lumber. Unit will get an amount of stack equal to how much lumber it currently harvested. I'm using Easy Item Stack 'n Split v2.7.4 for the system. I tried to detect lumber before and after the unit returning the lumber and give it...
  8. deepstrasz

    Community please report unfitting resource tags

    There's quite the issue when you want to search for something, like models, and you sometimes get more things unrelated to what you seek. An example is trying to find Diablo resources and getting tons of Lord of the Rings ones. So, please, when you see tags that you think shouldn't be on some...
  9. Risk™Master

    Upkeep icon

    So, I want to add a third resource to a map I'm making and would like to put it in the upkeep slot. I am wondering if I can use Jass or something to create an icon by the upkeep text or not. I am also wondering if I can maybe create my own text in the upkeep slot without using the "No Upkeep' text.
  10. YetAnotherYoutuber

    Automatic resource conversion

    gold replaced by equipment, lumber by meat i still want gold collected under name -metal-, but every 100 metal to convert into 1 equipment (and thus want only equipment to show at resources section) ...how? is it possible?