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  1. Sapprine

    [Solved] Free Photoshop Service Request Thread

    Hello, I'm Quinten and I am super bored waiting for new World of Warcraft content. I'm doing a college course on Grahpic Design and I just love photoshopping in my free time, but never have inspiration. That's why I am offering free unlimited photoshop requests to anyone, right here on Hive...
  2. A Rather Wily Beaver

    Looking for 2 tutorials, 1 on skill shots, and 1 on adding effects to linear AOE (Shockwave)

    tl;dr: I'm looking for a tutorial on making skill shots and another on adding effects to linear AOE. Hi all, I'm new to these forums so apologies if this isn't the right place to be posting this. I'm working on a project for my friends and myself; it's a MOBA with all of our DnD characters in...
  3. Seavalan Legend

    Basic Shapes + Recolored Wisps

    I would like to request a few things. I think they would be simple, but they might not be as I have no experience in 3d modelling. My first set of requests is 11-15 Basic 3D shapes textured similar to either Checkered Cube (Green), Checkered Cube (Purple), or in a similar checkered pattern, but...
  4. NightStalker

    Parkour Animations Request

    Hey guys, I need some animations or an animation if too much to ask for. I'll just type down the animations I need; 1) Dive/Roll animation(Like in Dark Souls' series) 2) Parkour Vaults - Speed Vault - Monkey Kong Vault - (Maybe) Double Kong - (maybe) some other variations such...
  5. stonneash

    Hintercraft Systems & Spells Request

    Hello, I am combining some aspects of the game hinterland into a warcraft map and I have a few systems that i need help with Hire system: Visitors will spawn near a building, these vistors can be hired for a certain amount of gold to build a certain building and operate it wherever you have it...
  6. NorthwayFalls

    Modeling request?

    Hi guys! Im new here and i need a help. Can you make a model of a picture of an accretaian? So i can play it in warcraft? Thanks! The full set with the wapon and cape please! thanks so muc!:xxd::xxd:
  7. jafhar33

    Why Hello

    I used to go on this website but forgot my password and email sooo.. im currently making a gnoll village island type map and i require an -unarmed- Gnoll i have tried -vertex editor - this doesnt like win 7 -removing geosets - doesnt work on this model -editing textures nodes and...
  8. jafhar33

    Can i get a hand

    well.. i had an account but forgot the password and email.. sooooo I get me a reason to go back on and couldnt log on.. Made a new account and here i am for my sole porpose of... I have started a map and i require the gnoll model, my first idea was to add/remove geosets and edit...
  9. wec

    Im wec

    Hello, im WEC (the leet ninja watching you from ur window, yeah, that ninja) I make mostly maps and no nothing on modeling and will request probrably, if you can help me and create a model, credits for the model(s) will be given and i'd greatly apprecicate it. -Wec (that ninja in ur bushes...