1. KirbyCoin

    Looking for feedback on a new in-browser replay viewer

    Hi friends Looking for some feedback and suggestions for how to improve a free in-browser website aimed at showing a WC3 replay from a "birds eye view" The concept was inspired by some other MOBA in-game viewing systems and also built to answer some useful questions about matches without...
  2. Accelerator12

    Replay desync

    maybe some ppls not met that,but it happened on me,i played this game yesterday night,so i knew what exactly happen in game. But when i watch the replay,it desynced and begin at 10 mins,everyone not doing the right thing or it should happened in replay. Just like the Multiverse,my team won this...
  3. KirbyCoin - free replay parser with creep route detection

    Hi all I'm the author of a free in-browser replay parsing website WC3Viewer A tool that I have been working on for two years which features what I'm claim are "world firsts" with regards to Warcraft III replay parsing The engine does a "best effort" job of detecting the actions of a game and...
  4. jp06

    Computing unit bounty (gold upon kill) from a replay

    Is it possible to do it for every instance of it throughout the game? Like when a unit does not have a fixed bounty (e.g. between 45-53)? I've read some stuff about Warcraft III replays and the bounty gold data is not in there. But if this can be reproduced when playing the replay, could there...
  5. Mirko Soto

    questions about performance of the repeat option

    Hello, does anyone know how the Warcraft 3 repeat save option works? I have that doubt since the files are light and apparently keep the commands + the values that were used in that game, that being said ... is it possible to modify those commands and the values of the replay? for example, a...
  6. Mirko Soto

    Search Replay Editor

    Hello, I have a question about the existence of a problem to modify w3g files (replay) for example in the original replay a hero attack a unit, but in the modified does not make an attack
  7. Brightest Light

    Rise of the Vampyr bugged game

    Hey, just reporting a REALLY WEIRD bug that happened in a game of Rise of the Vampyr I played recently. In short, the werewolf killed themself to become the witch, then i gained control of another hunters hero--as in the hero was given FULLY to me, not i gained control of their units, so that...