1. Ssin

    [Solved]Any method to PREVENT custom map working on Reforged?

    Hello everyone! I'm still an active WEer updating my map and majority of players are still playing on 1.29 on non-BN platform. There are also some small quantity of people who don't know about the platform and thought BN is the only place. The map has never been compiled by the newest WE so as...
  2. Nortander

    [HD/Misc] Reforged quality-like Dwarf priest icon

    Hello there ! :vw_love: I am looking for a Reforge-quality like icon for the Dwarf priest (by dehme). Sadly, I think the .mdx model is no longer on the Hive so I can only show you how it looks with the screenshot below : Thanks a lot to any good soul around there! <3 Nortander
  3. Nortander

    [HD/Misc] Reforged quality-like Val'Kyr icon

    Hello there! :vw_love: I am using the Dark Val'Kyr model from WoW in several maps and even a campain of mine, and I could really use of an icon for it. Could you make one? I only play Reforge now so it should be high quality (that's why I'm not taking the few that already exist on the Hive)...
  4. Mr.Goblin

    Warcraft3 Reforge Reforged - Retextures by Mr.Goblin

    WARCRAFT3 REFORGE'S TEXTURES - REFORGED Like many of you, I'm not ...quite... pleased by the graphics of Reforge. It's a damn shame because most models are actually ABSOLUTLY gorgeous upclose, it's just their weird Shader and their color palette choices that made most model look souless and...
  5. Dark-Zalor

    Reforged (classic) not possible to play to my old custom maps

    Hello everyone, Since I download and installed the f... patch 1.32, it is not possible for me to play to my custom maps. I have warcraft 3 classic, now I have the version 1.32.3. The maps works fine in the editor, but when I try to launch it with warcraft 3 in custom maps page, the players are...
  6. Mathayis

    Reforged screwed me over again! *Solved*

    Well fudge....Soo....The first time I tried installing reforge it totally wrecked my maps..but I was able to save them by installing a 1.29 backup...and i've been having a tun of fun map making again sense... However, this morning I heard reforge has been getting some patch updates, so I...
  7. M4gz

    [General] Reforged - Unable to attack neutral passive

    In reforged impossible to attack neutral passive units (as it was in common w3) how to enable it?
  8. Mathayis

    There was an error in handling the request **Solved **

    Sooo I get this strange error message after downloading the new 1.32 patch when trying to launch Warcraft 3.... Is anyone else having this issue? Also, I'm able to open the editor, forgive me for my ignorance but I noticed it's all updated with reforge models and beautiful terrain :eek: Not...
  9. Hunter or Victim: procedural terrain (RenderEdge screenshoot)

    Hunter or Victim: procedural terrain (RenderEdge screenshoot)

    Procedural Terrain Generation. Project:
  10. tough_zai

    Normal warcraft to Reforged...

    hello guys just wondering what are the limitation from custom Warcraft to reforge, ive read some post online that it breaks the model and crash the map you made.. does anyone tried their custom map to a reforge version..