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  1. Altruistic Anduin

    [HD/Modeling] Adding a Slam animation to this custom Infernal model

    I'm not keen with adding animations, or transferring existing animation to a different model. Since I think any golem unit could have a slam attack/spell animation, I was wondering if anyone could transfer that animation to a similar-looking unit, the Infernal. But the compressed ZIP file...
  2. Troll Gatherer (Red)

    Troll Gatherer (Red)

  3. Lich: comparison with the original

    Lich: comparison with the original

    Lich in comparison with the two original models. Does not mix well. Can serve as a replacement for the original, or a variation of an existing one.
  4. Tigrick

    No red icon upon Curse/Drunken Haze

    When a unit is under the effect of Drunken Haze, its icon in the UI is red. I do not want that. I am using a Drunken-Haze-based ability to make a spell's icon greyed out for a while.
  5. Shiny Huntsman

    Shiny Huntsman

    A not-so-grimdark version of the character, with shiny clean armor 'n shieeet.
  6. HeroHammerRedMaster.mdx (WIP_1)

    HeroHammerRedMaster.mdx (WIP_1)

  7. Next little fun project

    Next little fun project

    Giving color to the demonic huntsman fella from prior artworks. I was debating between a black+red or red+golden armor, but decided the later in the end, mostly because he's a Violence demon :D
  8. Passivipaska

    Area markers for boss fights

    Hey. I've been looking for some 'Area markers' for boss fights for some maps I've been making. I have no idea how to make custom skins / models, so I'm hoping someone will see this post and help me out. I need circles... Kind of like Auras, but a unit model. Preferably red, multiple sizes if...
  9. sunshinex3

    DragonSpawn Simple

    Very surprised on how little dragon / dragonspawn models and icons their are on the hive. going to request a bronze and black dragon spawn model(maybe more of a green and more of a red one too) also going to have to request proper icons for these dragon spawn models; Icons Needed: black...