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  1. kuilg

    [Spell] Order categories

    Some users are not familiar with triggers, like me, so they use the WE avoinding coding, just creating terrain, placing objects, importing or customizing in the Object Editor (OE). Nonetheless, the OE is not very clear in its reach, since there are many sort of useless fields, if not mysterious...
  2. Ricola3D

    Patch 1.31 : how to convert "ability" type to its raw code ?

    Hello, Patch 1.31 gives new natives that return "ability" type. For ex: native BlzGetItemAbilityByIndex takes item whichItem, integer index returns ability However, most of old natives only use integer type (for ability id/raw code) instead. Is there a way to convert get the raw code from a...
  3. thorlar

    [Solved] A way to extract unit-type from given unit?

    So for the last days, I am stuck at this problem. I want to make a JASS function(plz no vJASS) that takes a unit, and returns the raw code of the unit, in unit-type/integer/string form(form doesn't really matter as long it works) I also have an global integer array(easily converted to unit-type...
  4. Flux

    [vJASS] GetUnitIdRace

    library GetUnitIdRace /****************************************************************** GetUnitIdRace v1.00 by Flux Allows you to get the race of a unit based on the rawcode...