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  1. Eg rif ykkur i bita!!!

    Eg rif ykkur i bita!!!

    Model - https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/kurdran-and-skyree.341595/
  2. Mag'har Raider

    Mag'har Raider

  3. Blackrock Raider Spearthrower

    Blackrock Raider Spearthrower

  4. Blackrock Raider Spearman

    Blackrock Raider Spearman

  5. Burning Blade Raider Spearthrower

    Burning Blade Raider Spearthrower

  6. Burning Blade Raider Spearthrower Alternate

    Burning Blade Raider Spearthrower Alternate

  7. Burning Blade Raider Spearman

    Burning Blade Raider Spearman

  8. Burning Blade Raider Spearman Alternate

    Burning Blade Raider Spearman Alternate

  9. Burning Blade Raider Alternate

    Burning Blade Raider Alternate

  10. Burning Blade Raider

    Burning Blade Raider

  11. Raider Spearman

    Raider Spearman

    Updated Version
  12. Raider Spearthrower

    Raider Spearthrower

    Updated Version
  13. Frostwolf Raider Spearman

    Frostwolf Raider Spearman

  14. Frostwolf Raider Spearman Alternate

    Frostwolf Raider Spearman Alternate

  15. Frostwolf Raider Spearthrower

    Frostwolf Raider Spearthrower

  16. Frostwolf Raider Spearthrower Alternate

    Frostwolf Raider Spearthrower Alternate

  17. Warsong Raider Spearman

    Warsong Raider Spearman

    Updated Version
  18. Warsong Raider Spearthrower

    Warsong Raider Spearthrower

    Updated Version
  19. Fel Orc Raider

    Fel Orc Raider

  20. Warsong Raider Commander

    Warsong Raider Commander

  21. Frostwolf Raider Alternate

    Frostwolf Raider Alternate

  22. Frostwolf Raider

    Frostwolf Raider

  23. Warsong Raider

    Warsong Raider

  24. Blackrock Raider

    Blackrock Raider

  25. Raider Commander

    Raider Commander

  26. Elite Raider Alternate

    Elite Raider Alternate

  27. Elite Raider

    Elite Raider

  28. Reinhold

    [Trigger] Help with auto ensnare

    Auto ensnare Events Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Ensnare Power (Casting) Actions Set Loc2 = (Position of (Triggering unit)) Unit - Create 1 Sample for (Triggering player) at Loc2 facing Default...
  29. Grimhollow

    Spearthrowing Orc Raider

    I am dreaming of this unit to be created because I wanted an orc unit that is both cavalry and ranged (non-magic). I hope someone make this at simple resources thread. P.S. I am creating altered melee map that contains a massive orc revamp.
  30. Thiiago

    Riders please :c

    I just need two riders for my army. An rider Dwarf and an Orc. - Dwarf: the dwarf can use this mount (Hero_Dwarven Ramrider), but i need an Mountain King mounted, can do? :/ but the Ram is this.. - Orc: the orc i need an normal War3 Grunt, mounted in an normal War3 Timber Wolf just this. The...