1. Ryroes

    Preload file overwrite problem

    Hello guys, I have recently start working with Lua and map editing. And while I was checking out Preload, I have realize overwriting a file is working but re-read it without leaving the game did nothing. It still reads the old version. Is there some sort of cache mechanism exists or am I doing...
  2. Azureusl

    Preloader not re-preloading same file (only preloading once)

    Hi, This is a repost, because I accidentally posted this in Advanced Programming :ugly::ugly::ugly: I was doing some testing with C# lua hot code reload. I've stumbled upon a bunch of hot code reloaders out there: JHCR, TS-hotcodereload etc. They just use straight forward Preloader(updated...
  3. Uncle

    Preload for save/load system - Need help (Lua)

    Hi guys, I've decided to try something way over my head and I need some help. I'm trying to make a save and load system for my map. Here's the code i'm using: So i'm trying to use the tooltips for the Aerial Shackles ability ('Amls') to store my save code. This seems to work in the same game...