1. Negan

    Dreadlord Lich King

    So im making a perfectly made mini game map that is way better than many crappy maps around. Any of you guys planning to make a dreadlord wearing helm of domination with undead skully and calcium armor? Im really making a game where story is Bolvar was destroyed and it is claimed by varimathras...
  2. deepstrasz

    "Necroposting" in resource threads

    Please, I want to know who responds to my reports and who deletes my posts in resource threads. "Your post in the thread SpringFaeV2.blp was deleted. Reason: Please avoid necro-posting. We have the Site Rules for a reason." Are you SERIOUS!? To rate a resource, a comment MUST be written in...
  3. Rheiko

    How To Post Your Trigger

    TopHow To Post Your Triggers I've seen many and many members around the site who need help with their triggers but don't know how to post their triggers in a thread, especially the newcomers. Posting your triggers in a thread is very important when you're asking a help from other members to fix...
  4. Toonmix

    Decided to sit down, and make some post

    I'm new, I have questions. First I want to know what is Hive? Is it just a forum or does it have a game or something? Are people as toxic as in other forums, if so I want to see some sarcasm. How long has hive been up? Can I be a moderator? And who has the most forum post, and where does he...