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  1. Izzetin

    [Sound] Waygate sound

    Hello is there a Way to turn off the soundeffect of the Waygates i couldnt find anything that works (for Reforged) Just the Teleportation from one Waygate to another, the sound is annoying. THANKS..:D
  2. SSJ7107

    [Spell] Portal Spell

    I'm trying to make a spell in which a caster creates a portal at the targeted location. A portal can link itself with other portals and units that step into the portal can go back and forth from the other linked portal. A single caster can only put 4 portals per map. Can someone help me on how...
  3. Recklessness

    Creating Separate Instances/Maps...like dungeons

    I'm making a multiplayer rpg and wanted to have a sort of instance system similar to the one used in the Rexxar Campaign, but a multiplayer version. [Essentially multiplayer campaign]. I don't need help creating the dungeons, but I just need a system that would allow me to set up several portals...
  4. Achille

    Portal Camping Deterrents

    Hello all! I'm currently creating a Northrend based RTS map, and I find that a few of my portal bases are too defendable (Surprise!) I really need to implement a system to deter stacking defenders on the point of entrance, but I cannot decide what to use. Some systems that I have seen that can...