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  1. Seyahnayr

    [Altered Melee] Play Test Custom Race: Flesh Weaver Cult (Finished)

    Edit: Uploaded to map section Custom Race: Cult of the Flesh Weavers. Thank you evevyone for your help. Hello there, fellow hivers. I'd want to ask if anyone would be willing to play test this map. When I play maps, I tend to play defensively and stick to the same few units. I request that you...
  2. Med. MapGuy

    Looking for Map Testers for Battle of Azeroth: War of Thorns Remastered Custom Campaign (Patch 1.27b)

    Good day! I'm currently in the process of remastering my Battle of Azeroth: War of Thorns custom campaign, originally released on June 2020. Based on the prologue event of the Battle for Azeroth expansion from World of Warcraft, this latest version features: A brand new playable prologue...
  3. Invisible Pink Unicorn

    [Campaign] Looking for Feedback on new Project - "Dungeon Explorer"

    So i recently came back to w3 modding after a long time and decided that its finally time to stop doing half assed projects which never get finished and actually see something to an end for once. I decided to do a campaign with a series of WoW-like dungeons where the player instead of...
  4. Hazop

    Cant Playtest

    It appears that a mission in my campaign, cant be play tested. It just shows a black box with the white exclamation mark in a stop sign sorta thing. But other maps I have that have code can be play tested. *Update* Fixed! Just needed to save the maps