1. HerlySQR

    [General] Problem with calculus

    Why I will ask is a bit complicated, so I'll try to explain myself as best I can. I made a spell to push a unit to a point (like force staff) but if there is a wall of height 2 in the middle of the road then the unit stops, I wanna aplicate this also with platforms, if in the middle of the road...
  2. HerlySQR

    Plataforms in water

    Hello, Is there a way that the platforms can be seen underwater, when they are elevated?
  3. D

    [Escape / Maze] Platform Escape EZPZ

    Update: Your boy jondrean had the map in Downloads folder and reinstalled WC3 as the patch didn't work on EU servers. Development has been delayed by 3254 years. Thanks for your patience! The idea is based on Platform Escape by gameslayer001. The name "Platform Escape EZPZ" is a parody of there...
  4. A Void

    Goodbye,! Hello... Blizzard

    Officially releasing with the original Diablo, has been the staple service of Blizzard's catalogue of classic games since the late 90's - but its days are now numbered with Blizzard set to move on from the name in the new future. While its clear to have already happened with the...